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CAL RIPKEN, JR. said . . .
(yes....that "Cal Ripken, Jr.")
It Takes More Than Balls is a unique and fun book that lends a whole new perspective on our national pastime.  Congratulations to Deidre and Jackie for presenting the game in such a wonderful and informative way.  This book is a great tool and a good read for all baseball fans of any age.


". . . fun, easy-to-read and staggeringly informative. . ."

"Sportswriters, editors and publishers of sports books may still largely be men, but sports fans are just about equally becoming women. Silva and Koney thought someone should speak to those women, someone who didn't patronize. . .I think they're right."


". . . a grand slam of information and entertainment. . ."
Asbury Park Press


" is a guide to the intricacies and history of the game that every woman should have, and frankly some men too... It likely will go down as a keeper. After all, it may be that death and taxes are the only certainties in life, but mothers, sons, daughters, and Little League are next in line..."
Contra Costa Times


". . . this is NOT a baseball book 'for dummies'. . . "
SportsTalk New York


". . . Almost anyone should be able to pick up something from this book  - regardless of how much you know - or think you know - about baseball. . ."
Baseball Book Review


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